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Our History and Future

Our History:

Shan Mai Consulting was founded by Shan (Shanjoy Mairembam) in United Kingdom after his completion of MBA from Warwick Business School, UK in 2009. He aimed to infuse global case-study analysis experiences acquired from B-school into the business growth planning by local start-up companies, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Thus, he registered the company ‘Shan Mai Consulting Ltd’ with the UK Company House on 8th of April 2010. Since then, he undertook various short-term strategy consultancy projects for UK clients (including not-for-profit organisations, and universities) by providing his ‘value for money’ services.

Shan was keen on bringing about social impact out of any project undertaking in addition to achieving the financial bottom-line. So, he had chosen the direction of the company to focus on business problems that impacts the social enterprises, public sector firms/local councils, SMEs, Start-ups / Entrepreneurs, etc.

In order contribute something back to his home state ‘Manipur’ in the north eastern part of India, he setup ‘Shan Mai Consulting India LLP’ with registered office at Moirang (Manipur, India) on 14th Oct 2011. Since then, the company had been actively engaged with business and social enterprises in the North-Eastern states of India. The company also conducts various collaborative projects with school students, university graduates, govt officials, local entrepreneurs, etc on both business and social responsible projects.

Our Future:

The company aims to expand its operations in the coming decade mainly in North-East Indian states in order to empower local entrepreneurs and enterprises in these regions to grow their businesses so as to compete successfully in the global market. We aim to enable knowledge exchange and business trade relations between enterprises in UK/Europe and those in North-East India.

The company hopes to reap the benefits of ‘Look East Policies’ of Indian Government by expanding its service operations to South East Asian countries. We also wish to collaborate with various not-for-profit organisations and universities in the North-Eastern Indian states to seed entrepreneurship culture and social enterprises concept among young minds.


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